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  • Chocolate online store

    "Gourmet Dourme" chocolate online store

  • Pet cages online store

    Pet cages online store in Moscow

  • Sunglasses online store

    Sunglasses online store in Moscow

  • Security systems online store

    Video surveillance and security systems

  • Building materials online store

    Building, fasteners and materials

  • Wheels rims online store

    Wheels rims online saling in USA

  • Website - portfolio of architect

    Designer and architect Arthur Kurkchyan's portfolio

  • Online store for pets

    Online sale of pet products in Moscow

  • Aquariums online store

    Online store of aquariums and accessories in Moscow

  • Artist Bumants's website

  • Foundation website

    Children's Charitable Foundation

  • Cosmetics online store

    Professional cosmetics online

  • Musician website

    Arthur Khachatryan's website

  • Auto spare parts shop

    Auto spare parts online shop in Armenia


The interesting and original design is the key component of the website which can attract and keep the target visitors on the site.  Professionally developed modern design this is the major argument in favor of your site on the background of the sites from the same sphere, even if they have the same product or offer the same services.

However, before proceeding with the design, it is necessary to define what are the purposes and functional resolving issues of the site. It will help to determine correctly the design concept and the further factors of successful work.

The development of site design is a laborious and creative process, which includes the following steps:


  • negotiations and discussions of  customer preferences
  • determining the preferences of  type and concept, color and style 
  • Study the sites in the same sphere
  • Developing the unique design prototypes and sketches


When ordering a preparation of a website design, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is a creative process and timing can be changed until receiving the desired result.

Our studio guarantees you the best combination of price and high quality.