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Professional website development, programming, qualitative content are only necessary parts of the work. Nowadays competition in almost all areas of business is so high that it is necessary to develop a special coordinated action plan which will promote the maximum visibility of the project and promotion on the Internet.

In order to achieve the desired results, it is not enough to be an advanced computer user or a programmer, it is necessary to take into account the hundreds of subtleties that affect the visibility of the website on the search engines. This is a separate science. Therefore, the best decision is to apply to the SEO optimization and promotion experienced specialists.

The website SEO optimization is a quite laborious and creative work and requires planned individual system development of promotion, taking into account the objectives of the project. The professional optimization of website is aimed to increase its visibility and recognition in the search engines Google and Яндекс.

Our studio offers professional SEO and promotion services.

SEO specialists are performing a great job to keep your website on the top ten ranking on the search results page.

Our specialists perform the following activities for the promotion of a new website:


  • Developing a list of keywords (semantic kernel) and on the basis of it the  Optimal structure,  to provide the maximum visibility in  Яндекс and Google systems
  • Programming is initially accomplished by providing all the necessary tools for the optimization
  • SEO- content development
  • Optimization of all web pages (internal optimization)
  • Related  activities to raise recognition and  ratings of the site on the internet


Proposed actions for the working website:


  • SEO audit
  • Research the technical opportunities of the site, possibilities to expand the structure and  the level of visibility in the Google and Яндекс search engines
  • Fulfillment  the necessary technical changes on the site
  • Building or editing web pages (corresponding to the keyword list)
  • Activities to increase recognition and ratings of the site on the internet.